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“Intermezzo” features all new original music. It is filled with Michael’s signature virtuoso guitar playing, mixed meters, great melodies, superb arrangements, world class production and features an amazing list of some of the best guitarists on the planet. This is the first album that Michael recorded using his new Dean signature MAB 7 “Warrior,” 7 string guitar. The results are incredible! The list of guest guitarists include George Lynch, Guthrie Govan (2 solos on the album,) Michael Romeo, Jeff Loomis, Craig Goldy, Dave Reffett, Chris Poland, Rusty Cooley, Mike Lepond, Elliott Dean Rubinson, Joe Stump, Andrea Martongelli, Alex Stornello, Bill Peck, Max Carlisle, Florent Atem, Annie Grunwald, Tobias Hurwitz and more amazing guitar solos from the MAB Kickstarter program supporters. Track listing in order.

1. Intermezzo, 2. Kaleidoscope Images, 3. Oceans of Time, 4. I Pray the Lord, 5. 8 Pillars of Steel (featuring Elliott Dean Rubinson on Bass with solos, in order by – Dave Reffett, Jeff Loomis, MAB, then Rusty Cooley, George Lynch, Andrea Martongelli and Craig Goldy), 6. The Possession – A Tone Poem, 7. 5 Four Ever (featuring Alex Stornello from 2:34 to 3:07 and then Guthrie Govan from 3:22 to 4:08), 8. Juggernaut (featuring solos in order by MAB, Chris Poland, Dave Reffett, Annie Grunwald, Guthrie Govan, Mike Lepond and Michael Romeo, 9. Overload Intro (featuring Florent Atem), 10. Overload (featuring solos in order by Tobias Hurwitz, Ken and Darren Burridge, Bill Peck, Peter Ema, Joe Rose, Joe Stump, Florent Atem, Maxxxwell Carlisle and MAB)

Click HERE or on the image to the left to see the new "8 Pillars of Steel" music video from Michael's latest album "Intermezzo"


The MAB band featuring Michael Dean Guitars owner and CEO Elliott Dean Rubinson on Bass, virtuoso Drummer Joe Babiak and the amazing vocals of Warren Dunlevy, Jr. live in Florida for 2 shows!

Details in the TOUR section of our site.

MAB Concert Draws 20,000

A lot of new MAB shows scheduled. China, The USA, Romania, Poland, Italy and more! Check out the TOUR section of our site!

St. Jude

In September 2013, Michael, along with dozens of other Rock Stars including Mark Farner (Grand Funk), Elliott Eastman (The Cars), Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper), Neil Turbin (Anthrax) and many more recorded a song (written by Dick Wagner) and music video for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. ALL PROCEEDS go to help the children at St. Jude. The way to donate is to buy the song.

You can view the video and story behind the making recording of the song by clicking HERE and purchase the song by clicking HERE
You can do your part to help by purchasing the song!

Dean Guitars

You can now purchase a Dean Guitar directly from Dean Guitars. This is not bypassing the music stores and Dean Guitars Dealers. Shops from all over the world have participated in this great, easy way to buy a Dean Guitar. For more information click here. This link will take you directly to the Dean Guitars on line store and specifically, the Michael Angelo Batio signature series!

MAB Signature Guitars

The new MAB 29 fret “Rocket” Signature Guitar will be available in Spring 2014! It is an exact replica of Michael’s iconic “Rocket” guitar that he used in the “Speed Kills” instructional program.

Dean Guitars released 2 MAB signature guitars in 2013. The first is an MAB signature series guitar called the "Speed of Light." It is amazing! The "Speed of Light" guitar is in stock and available now!

The second is a brand NEW MAB signature series guitar is called the "MAB 7 Warrior Armorflame."
As the name suggests, it is a 7 string guitar. The graphic was designed by famed graphics artist, photographer Stephen Jensen. This incredible new 7 string guitar is available NOW.

Below is a photo of the amazing NEW MAB 7 Warrior!

On Thursday February 2nd, 2012 Michael's Dean "Jet" Double-Guitar (pictured to the left) was put on permanent display in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio!

The MAB String Dampener

Michael has been issued a patent on his invention, "The MAB String Dampener!"
US Patent No. 7,488,880

"The MAB String Dampener" is available NOW! For ORDERING and more information on this incredible tool for guitar players go to "The MAB String Dampener" section of our site.

Voted Fastest Guitarist by Guitar World Readers

IT'S OFFICIAL! Michael came in 1st place and WON the Guitar World Magazine reader's choice award as "The Fastest Guitarist of All Time."
Not only did Michael win 1st place, but he won 1st place by a HUGE margin! Over 440,000 votes were cast! Thanks to everyone that voted!